Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Man flu, baby photos and a plane tree

The onset of the first cold of the winter seems likely and I am determined to take it like a man. Losing your voice is novel turning to fun as the gravel in the throat begins to rise. There is a macabre fascination with the solidity and colour of sputum and secret exitement about being ill enough to justify a sickie whilst being compus mentus enough to indulge in a day of 'cash in the attic' and 'homes under the hammer'. But all this is offset against the ill bit, the pressure in the temples and the angry inflammation at the back of your throat. I'm sooo illl......

Ben and Sam were put on show at work today in the form of a studio photo that Rach got for free through some deal. Reactions from the colleagues was varied and ranged from the usual comments about cuteness and asking which one was which, to comparisons with a fruit pastel lolly - pretty accurate really, there is a kind of Glorious Technicolor aspect to it.

Judgement day for a tree draws nearer. The lot of a tree officer....

Just checked the Almosts' website and I did ok in the Woodchester Park race coming in 19th in just under an hour. The running has been slipping recently due to recovering from the SW coast path trip as well as 'le grippe'.

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