Sunday, 12 October 2008


We recently spent a week family holidaying in Tenby, Pembrokeshire, staying in a many-layered, tall and thin house overlooking the harbour. The views out across the sea were uninterrupted (as an estate agent might say) and the constant presence of the sea and the beach being exposed and covered by the tides will be one of the lasting memories for me. We were staying with Mum and Dad, who had rented the house and we were joined by brother Tim and Jo for a couple of days.

Tenby has a charming combination of heritage, style and tack which becomes more apparant during the off season. Apparantly it is the hen party capital of the country. Walking around on the build up to an evening you could sense the collective mood swinging towards boozing with intent. But it seemed fairly good natured.

We visited a National Trust garden further up the coast and saw the tallest Crypromeria japonica in the country.

Sadly the week was affected by colds and worries about the boys' health. Rachel and Sam spent the night in Haverfordwest hospital because of Sam's breath rate and I had a nasty chesty cough which left me feeling wiped out for most of the time.

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