Tuesday, 21 October 2008

A grand day out

This morning I made a couple of site visits to look at trees located at desirable residences in the Cotswolds. Autumn is gaining momentum and the leaf colours in the bright sunshine and morning mists were intense. Sometimes I lose perspective of the fact that I make decisions about trees in an area of outstanding natural beauty for a living. It was a memorable morning, but unfortunately I didn't take any photographs except of two Robinias outside the public toilets at Bibury.

Rachel has a monster bug and she called me up at work to say that she was really ill, so I came home to spend the rest of the day looking after the boys so that she could recoup. I gave them some lunch

and then loaded them up into the car and took them up to Crickley Hill which is an old neolithic fort on the Cotswold escarpment with vast views over the landscape to the west. It was possible to make out the Brecon Beacons beyond May Hill with its distinctive tree clump. We took a stoll out to the 'nose' reading and promptly failing to memorise the information boards along the way. It was a beautiful day - clear and bright with a cold wind. A white glider, maybe from Stroud, worked its way over the thermals and a kestrel hunted, windhovering and diving down to the tussock grass. The boys looked angelic with the sun on their soft faces as they slept. I lay down on the grass beside the buggy and listened to the sounds of the day. It was very restful, the natural sound of the wind above the constant background noise of the bypass in the valley below. We took a walk through The Scrubs, an area of 300 year old woodland, admired the monilithed standing deadwood and the carpet of scrunchy orange leaves on the floor.

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