Saturday, 29 November 2008

On the swings

Rachel headed off to Bath to see Christian and Jenny and to go to the Christmas market. I gave the boys some lunch and then we went out for a buggy wander to the swings behind the library. It was a cold and nodescript day somewhere towards the end of November. Uninspiring, English, wintery, pinched and just generally unremarkable. The kind of days that remind me of being a student in Birmingham.

The boys did not seem to have inherited their father's pessimism and watched the world they were wheeled to with level impassiveness. We looked at a birch tree damply holding on to its autumn colour and accidently bggied through some dog dirt.

At the playground, we had a go on the swings.

They had such a good time that we made a little movie

Afterwards we stopped off at the library and got out Elmer the Elephant and them got the Saturday Guardian at Morrisons. The boys were quite tired by the time we got back

They had a snooze and we watched TV and Wales beat Australia at the Millenium Stadium. A great afternoon of bonding. Sam's just about clapping and both are waving - nearly 10 months old.

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