Sunday, 21 December 2008

Uncle Tim and this week's running

Today we had a visit from my brother Tim who drove over from London for the day. It was great to see him after what felt like a long time and we went for a walk to the swings - which is proving to be a popular location for photography... We had a big roast dinner and played with the boys while Rachel, who is off down to Devon for Christmas tomorrow, packed and packed and packed.

Ben and Sam are both a lot more mobile now. Sam has learned to crawl on hands and knees and they can both clap hands.

This week's running has been a bit hit and miss. I went out for a slow road jog with the Almost Athletes on wednesday night - about 5 miles - and did about 9.5 miles over Leckhampton Hill and round via Coberley on Friday night by headtorch. The momentum is wavering at the moment so I am hoping that the new zipplily entitled Inov8 Mudrocks that I ordered from Lakes Runner earlier this week will help to give me the incentive to get back out there - the old shoes are beginning to show signs of wear.

Bad news: this year's May Hill Massacre multi-terrain race clashes with the boys' first birthday party. Can't believe that I've already booked my number without realising, like the time when I couldn't remember their date of birth at the hospital and had to ring home to find out! This one may take quite a bit of negotiation...

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