Monday, 23 February 2009

Running, Bath and Curry

Friday night - Mike and I ran around the top of Cleeve HIll by headtorch. It was the first time I'd been out since the Long Mynd race.

Saturday - we all went to Bath to visit Christian and Jen who live in a house that's full of character on a steep hill on the edge of town. We had a nice long lingering lunch and then a saunter around some of the sites, Jen carrying her prenantness (if there is such a thing) with ease. The architcture contributed to an atmosphere that really appealed. The cotswold limestone was lit up by the winter sun. A relaxed drive back up the motorway with the sleeping boys in the back and a nice meal after.
Christian and Jen (with bump)

Sunday morning was running with Mike on Cleeve Hill again. We did a circuit from the masts over to the pre-historic burial mound of Belas Knap (including compulsory circuit of the streamlined monument) and then cut down along footpaths to Winchcombe before coming back up through the village cricket ground (scene of many a celebrity-laced game linked to the high society scene of Sudley Castle) and then up through an utterly poached field ("This is the Cotswold Way!" - he rants indignantly). I mean, just how many horses to people need - and then why stick them all in the same field - I ask you!!! We passed Postlip Hall and came back onto Cleeve Hill, following the lip of the escarpment back around to the masts. Good run about 14.

In the afternoon we went round to Peter, Helen and Harriet's for some quality eating and playing. The curries were excellent - peter really can cook - and the boys just about managed to charm their way through despite a couple of sore teeth moments from Sam... Peter had a good scar on his leg after having fallen off King Kong at Wintours Leap the day before.

Harriet and Ben

Sam shows Helen his latest trick

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