Monday, 1 June 2009

Hitched at last

Rachel and I got married on the 23rd of May at Stroud registry office. A small do with just immediate family only, it enabled us to appreciate what was going on in ways that probably wouldn't have been possible if the choice had been to fill a church or similar. They let Mum and Dad bring Midge the dog in and the our boys crawled about on the floor as their parent's made their solemn vows.

We had a fancy meal at a posh hotel near to where we live and afterwards hung around on the grass on a fine sunny afternoon.

My mum and dad looked after the boys for a couple of nights while the wife and I repaired to the Randolph Hotel in Oxford in an attempt to remember what it's like being in a relationship without children permanently in tow. Saunters round the sites, a visit to the Pitt Rivers, couple of nice meals and some ice cream in the park.

We held a garden party at another posh place the next weekend for friends and family. Rachel's mum pulled out the stops and laid on a fantastic spread, the dads made two fine speeches and my mum designed a fine treasure hunt for the kids. Loads of other people helped out to make it a great and memorable day for us.

Astonishingly touching to be freely given so much goodwill from so many people.

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