Saturday, 27 June 2009

This weeks running

Took a trip on wednesday to joint the Almosts on an off road run from the Patesrugby club, except that when I got there - they weren't! Apparently they're currently running out from a car park up by the Air Balloon that's informally known as 'Doggers Central.' Uneasy about IT band pains in my left knee, I nearly just went home but after some relaxed stretching i decided to take a jog around the Devil's Chimney race route. It was a fine run on a hazy sunny evening and with a nice breeze on the top just to add to the enjoyment. The knee held out well and I trotted back into the rugby club a full ten minutes behind my race time! Had a fine laid back pint in the bar watching wimbledon and chatting with the squash players.

On friday, I hooked up with Mike and we did the old familiar Sandy Lane loop. The idea was to bez round and incorporate some speed work. We got a bit knackered by the second hill and speeded up and slowed down for the rest of the run. Close and sticky, running through long grass and nettles. Put on a bit of a spurt towards the end and then drank odd homemade isotonic whilst the steam rose up from us. We're getting exited about the Snowdon.

Sunday AM, we took two cars and, leaving mine at Stanton our previous northermost point on the Cotswold Way, drove on in Mike's car up to Chipping Campden and the start of the 'Way'. Half asleep, I'd managed to bring my platypus (looking like a colostomy bag fit to bust, it being filled with a homemade isotonic of apple juice water and salt) but not my bum bag, so ended up running with a wee rucksac for the first time.

It was a good run, but very hot and very humid. Sweat stang the eyes and we made no effort to push the pace.

The petrified heritage and exclusive affluence of Chipping Campden and Broadway seemed surreally English. The wider landscape that we moved through had a similar sense of neat proporton and assured charm. I'm not sure that avarice will ever let me love the Cotswolds but I am becoming more fond of them - time will tell, I suppose.

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