Tuesday, 1 September 2009

This week's running

Post Brecons, I joined the Almosts on their weds night run from the golf club at Cleeve Hill. It was good to see some familiar faces, and as someone who attends very irregularly, I also really appreciated the frendliness of the group that i ran with. It was raining on us before the set off so I had a chance to try out my very specialist-looking OMM rain top and attempt to look the part - as you would expect, sortly after setting off I was way too hot. Had some interesting conversations about how to get better at running - intervals and speedwork and fartleks seem to be the order of the day. Perhaps I should get more structured about how I run?

Friday, I joined Mike for a trot around Cleeve. It was a good, sunlight soaked and windy evening.
The evening shoe wash through the damp thistles on the lower fields was taken at high speed in the gathering dusk. The nights, as they say, are fairly drawing in.

No run on Sunday - the lie in was great.

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