Sunday, 6 September 2009

This week's running

A poor show this week in terms of mileage. There are plans afoot to have a pop at doing the Stretton Skyline run next weekend - family committments permitting - so I hope that standards haven't been allowed to slide too far.

Weds, I joined the Almosts for a run in heavy rain and winds over the top of Cleeve Hill. About an hour of running in all.

Saturday early morning I took the dog up Leckhampton hill and repeatedly went up and along and down again. Wore the smelly helly and got too hot, but enjoyed the clear air and the views from the top of the scarp.

Then Midge managed to cut his hind leg quite badly on some glass and so it was straight back down and to the vet's for stitching and, later, an eye-watering bill. Again about an hour's running.

There's a lack of focus about the running at the moment and I am concious of the need to tap my self back into the core reasons for doing it.

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