Tuesday, 8 September 2009

This week's running

Tuesday saw the start of the as yet unformed grand new regime. In other words, Mike was uber busy with family and work so wasn't coming out and the Stretton Skyline was getting uncomfortably near. Like a headless chicken, I did some random speedwork.

A mile at 6:15 and then a series of six fast minutes interspersed with a minute of fast walk in-between followed by a gentle jog over the next two miles. I aimed to do the last mile at about 7:30 pace, but it came in at 6:40.

As i finished the air was filling with a warm fine rain and Leckhampton Hill was just a grey outline in the gathering mist. I closed my eyes, and let the droplets on my face bring thoughts of Scotland.

Not really the ideal preparation for the...

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