Saturday, 14 November 2009

Sodbury Slog

The 'Slog'. It's a regional institution, and every year lots of members from our running cub take part in the 8.5mile run that is infamous for its muddy conditions. It's a multi-terrain race, but the emphasis is very much on the taking part and fun running.

The race is held on Rememberance Sunday, and the idea of getting over a thousand people together to enjoy a laugh and a healthy event is a fitting way to appreciate the sacrifice made by all those people. In a way, it reminded me of setting off early to walk up Great Gable on another Rememberance Snday too many years ago to calculate.

A two minute silence was observed and then, after a shuffle along the way for a bit, Mike, Nikki and I stood on the start line feeling the cold and breathing in the exhaust fumes of two Vespa mopeds that would lead the race along the road section of the run through the town. It didn't feel like fun running as I tried to keep up with Mike who had set off - shall we say - briskly in order to beat the bottlenecks that would form further back in the field.

The course wound its way across fields, through ditches, and along a purpose made slop trench before returning to the town.

The high volume support from the Almosts just before the finish line was a real spur to sprint over the line!

Mike and I were the first Almosts home - clearly a bad day for the club...

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