Sunday, 17 January 2010

Mayhill recce

I met Mike at the sawmill at 7am on Sunday morning to run the route of the Mayhill Massacre. It's Mike's race. He used to cut timber in the woods of the Mayhill and saw the potential. Proceeds are in aid of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, a charity that he has good cause to be involved with.

The thaw had frozen overnight and the ground was slippery with black ice as we made our way up the extraction tracks into the wood by the light of headtorches. The initial climb up is a consistent pull of about a mile and a half and includes short sections on roads.

From the trig on the top, we descended footpaths and extraction tracks, teetering over the ice as the dawn came up.

"Why so you call this bit The Somme?", I asked as I slid into freezing mud over my knees...

The second climb up to the top is muddy and probably best power walked in places. I found it just as fast and much more efficient.

Definitely one to pace carefully in the early stages.

Although, I'm looking forward to this race I'm disappointed that the Long Mynd Valleys race is on the same day. It will be Shropshire in 2011, however.


  1. When I started reading I thought that would be a good one to do . And , a good cause . Shame about the date . I'll have to do the "valleys" race . Bugger . I wish Mike and yourself all the best with this race . If there's a "just giving" web site or some thing like that let me know .
    Cheers , John

  2. The Mayhill's a lot, lot easier than the valleys race! Don't think i'll get it together to do any fund raising for this race, but thanks for the kind offer.

  3. I have to admit I am a little scared of the Valleys Race . I'm hoping to do under 3 hours this year . I/we probably would have last year (just)if it wasn't for that pesky guy at the end that had collapsed in the snow .

  4. Don't think you'll have a problem there John! Take off the time for helping out that runner on the final stages and make an allowance for the snow and I think you'll do well :-)