Monday, 1 March 2010

Back to it

Felt very tired for a long time after the may hill. I managed an insipid hour and a half on Cleeve in the week following the race and then family, Rach's work, intensive DIY all combined to put a stop to running.

Good old Mikey broke me back in gently with a 6.30am start and a two and a half hour run from Winch up to Stancombe along the Cotswold Way. The weather was great, it was thoroughly chucking it down and low cloud. Mike wore his strangulator neck-slung map case. He's going for the ultra distance, Cotswold Way-in-one attempt this May

Siezed-up, sodden and covered in clart, I eventually gurned my way back to my wreck of a motor. Was back at home for 9.30 and energetic toddlers.


  1. Post race agony, anticlimax, and apathy. The joys of running.

  2. I've always maintained the hardest thing about training is getting there. Once there and 10mins into it, it seems easy. Keep it up Matt.