Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Cleevewold 2010

Was disappointed not to be able to run in this race this year. Well, disappointed is a bit of an understatement. I'd been laid low with a mystery illness that might have had something to do with eating some past-sell-by date pate. Half a stone lighter, I was in no fit state to have a go so I gave my number to Nick and felt sorry for myself.

On the day I took the boys out to spectate and really enjoyed the experience. I enjoyed it so much from my viewpoint on top of Cleeve Hill that I raced round to watch everyone later in the course below Belas Knap.

I had a go at doing an Al Tye - and now have a much better appreciation of what a good job he does (to see Al's website, follow the link under 'Well worth a look' over on the RHS.

So: illness, apathy and general lack of motivation on the running front.

On Saturday, I shuddered a slow three miles up and down the road outside our house, sweating and generally having to put in a lot of effort. On sunday, I switched on my funky new Garmin thingy and ran for an hour (6.5m). Tonight I'll join Mike for a brisk one around the top of Cleev Hill.


  1. Nice photos Matt. You'll be back in the swing of it before long but take it easy!


  2. Shit one Matt. It's horrible not to be able to run and train. Glad you and your boys made use of the time and got some great shots. We're lucky up here to have an Al Tye.
    You'll have to put some of your Garmin tracks up on the blog.