Thursday, 11 March 2010

Gentleman Gym

Mike had a cold and pulled out of the hill reps we had planned so rather than going up and down Lecky Hill I headed for the gym instead. Put the running machine on maximum incline (not very steep) and did an hour of 5 mins brisk 5 mins steady to the strains of Dance TV. All a bit hectic really. Then some long stretches and core work. Then showered me legs with cold water with a view to combatting stiffness.

Three Peaks is beginning to become my motivation...


  1. Three Peaks ! AL 24m/4500'. You crazy mo fo. Mind you, I'm thinking of doing the Peris horse shoe this year instead of the half Peris I did last year. AL 17.5m/8500' Actually, now I'm looking at the numbers I'm not sure ;-)

  2. Cleevwold. Tempting, but, I've got the Wrekin fell race. Wrekin is my nearest and dearest hill and I've never done this race so I think thats where I'll be. Tempt you up here ?

  3. Did you feel like a hamster? ;o)

  4. Lightning - Peris Horseshoe sounds a lotlot harder. That's an insane amount of upping and downing!

    Cleevewold's a bit of an institution for me so,like you with your race, I don't think I could pass it up. But I might try and make it up to the Wrekin for the streak (?) later in the year.

    Steve - definitely! Gym is a surreal impersonal environment also. Like being put into stasis in some a sci-fi story...