Thursday, 4 March 2010

This week's running

Wednesday I went to the gym - half an hour on the cross trainer without any hands, some core excercises and lots of stretching.

Thursday - hour and a half of steady hill reps on Lecky Hill above Sandy Lane with mike

Saturday - a two car day. Met mike at 6am in Winch and drove to Chippy in my car to run the Cotswold Way back to Winch again - 18m.

We came across a sheep caught by the neck in a wire fence a drool of spit hanging from its mouth - we went to free it but it must have strangled itself a short time before our arrival.

Later, we passed within a few feet of a roe deer. It couldn't get away from us over a fence and into the woodland so went to ground under a hawthorn.

On lower fields, lambs were butting their mothers' undersides. Higher up, the sheep gnawed away in a field of turnips.

We took a steady pace, but I found the last few miles hard.

Sunday's run made me appreciate the need for a lot of hard work before the Cleevewold 14 at the end of March and then the Three Peaks a month later.

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