Friday, 23 April 2010

Three peaks anticipation

After a piled-high plate of beans on toast at the caff, I enjoyed a leisurely potter around Ingleton in the bright spring afternoon sunshine. Knowing that but for that wonderful thing called flexi-time I would have been working made the experience so much the better; coasting along, enjoying the river and irregular symmetry of the walls.

Am currently sat in a layby at Ribblehead looking at the viaduct and how Ingleborough and Whernside seem to be quite a long way apart. Also thinking that PyG is further away still.

The curlews are calling and the skylarks are burbling.

Memories of last year’s race in no particular order:

…running along the top of Whernside and thinking, ‘Great I didn’t get any cramp,’ and then both legs locking up.

…mixing up my hydration drinks powder by eye, so that when I arrived at the Hill Inn I had a ‘thirst quenching’ bottle of syrup for refreshment.

…the long run-in of Ingleborough and the guy in front retching every few steps.

…getting cramp in my knees on the climb up Ingleborough.

…at the finish, being unable to get the dibber off my wrist and a woman snipping it off with scissors.

...seeing Rob Jebb come bombing down PyG when I wasn’t even half way up.

...being given a great bit of advice by another runner on top of PyG – “When you get to the viaduct, you’re only half way…”

...the look of pride on my dad’s face

Conditions are dry but if I even match last year’s time of 4:15 I’ll be happy.

Come on legs – do your stuff!!

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