Sunday, 25 April 2010

Three peaks race

Much more enjoyable run this year. A minute slower than last time but don't think this matters as I did put in a few stops along the way. Dry conditions and quite hot. Took care with my hydration and thankfully there were no cramps to contend with. I seemed to have a fair amount in the tank during the second half of the course. Fuller report to follow:


  1. I don't think a minute is here or there in a race like that. Sometimes it's possible to be slower but have a better race.

  2. Agree with that. Just looked at last year's splits and I was abt 5 mins quicker coming down off Ingleborough yesterday, must have paced it ok.

  3. Glad you had a good un, Matt. The top photo is class.

  4. Looking forward to yr full report Matt - glad you had a good run.


  5. Thanks both

    Paul - yeah, i like that pic. Think the crap argos camera went off by accident!

    Si - must try and get it written down soon but got quite a bit on at the mo...