Sunday, 16 May 2010

Back to it (again)

First run out since getting back from the Lakes. I am lazy. Had decided to have a rest after the PPPs and Mike's run, which in a way more or less added up to two marathons on consecutive weekends, but had begun to climb the walls. Usually I have to negotiate time for running but this morning I was Sent. Bonus.

About nine miles, taking in Shurdington Hill, Crickley Hill and Lecky Hill. A different route again despite the familiar ground. Pottered along, feeling a bit stiff.

Came across some native Black Poplars - fairly rare.

The bluebells and wild garlic were out so I took a picture on the crap argos camera. A deer went crashing off through the trees.

A nice run. Good to get out. Funny thing about running: all the racing and training can sometimes detract from the core reasons for doing it in the first place.

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