Monday, 14 June 2010


A while ago I contacted 'Four Winds', through his blog and he kindly outlined a route for me to try next time I was in Devon.

From the busying car park, I trotted up to Haytor rocks and paused for a while watching a pair of climbers. Heading down to the old quarries I stopped to say hello to impassive ponies. Took an an old tramway for a bit before going off piste to an impressive cairn, distinctive cattle and the unpeopled promontary of Black Hill, where I lingered over the views for a good while.

Dropped down through unfurling bracken stalks to the Becka Brook and then picked up a trod that petered out and came back again further up the slope.

Stopping, starting, pausing. No hurry - taking things in.

Off piste again, I wobbled over a bit of bog then through gorse before taking a look at the quarries of Holwell Tor. Was quite taken with couple of lichen coated cracklines that looked to have good potential for esoteric top roping.

Running out of time, I sped up on the way back over to Haytor and streched me legs on the grassy descent back to the start.

No barefoot running this time...


  1. Nice photos. Sounds like a nice run out.

  2. Hi Matt!

    Glad you had a good one - nice photos. Not sure even I'd be daft enouth to barefoor gorze-central.........yet. There's some good running over Hameldown area on my last blog if you fancy something different next time.
    All the best,


  3. Is that a shot of sheep poo?

  4. Erm yeah - don't ask me why, I've got no idea :)