Sunday, 11 July 2010

Whacky racers

With a furtive glance he drops down off the path through undergrowth and into a small hollow. Inside the small hollow - or 'depression' as it's known in the game is an orange and white flag with a number on the top. He dibs his dastardly dibber and returns to the path wearing what he imagines to be a 'straight face'.

He realises that he's maybe slightly more competitive than he'd previously thought.

His compadre comes charging back down the path, sweating so hard that his waterproof map is in danger of becoming papier mache-ised.

"... er yeah, it's back there..."

As Muttley would have said:


Mike and I had joined the North Glos Orienteering Club for a free have-a-go session at Crickley Hill. Not exactly a mountain marathon, it was easily enough to expose shortfalls in out navigation skills.

First, I hadn't got me compass out out of the boot of the car because I didn't want to look too keen and second, it took me a while to realise that an orienteering map is a bit like a photographic negative of an OS map. Woods are shown as white whilst open ground is shown as dark. This led to a bit of a kerfuffle with dense scrub when I tried to take a short cut.

The NGOC seemed like a friendly bunch and were far too polite to laugh at how pleased we were with ourselves.


  1. Dib Dastardly strikes again!

  2. Got a feeling that one might stick :)

  3. Heyalp ! But where's penelope pitstop ? Has the Dastardly Dibber had his wicked way with her ? Find out next time......

    Navigation is a worth while activity. Helped me a couple of times in races.

  4. Penelope last seen in peril at checkpoint 15 ;)

    I need to improve a lot when it comes to the finer points of navigation - have read a book or two but suppose it comes down to practice if you want to get better. Can get myself about quite well in most circumstances but could be better at tying all the different elements together at the same time. Must do one of the WFRA courses...