Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Templer Way

From Templer Way

This trail follows the route once taken by granite quarried on Dartmoor down to the sea. The eighteen mile route begins at Haytor quarries and follows original granite tramway tracks and a derelict canal to the quays, now a Local Nature Reserve, at Newton Abbot. The trail then follows the southern banks of the Teign estuary (low tide only) to Shaldon, where a short ferry ride takes you across the river to a beach a stones throw from the old piers from where granite was shipped to places like London for the building of the British Museum. Quarried clay was also shipped from here to the potteries in the midlands.

Highly recommended. The route is a contrast of natural and industrial landscapes with some good old fashoned British seaside thrown in at the end.

Another good bit is that it's all downhill!


  1. Looks like an interesting historical run there Matt.

    But, how does one get back from this "all downhill run"?

  2. A good question - i got Rach to pick me up. Next time maybe i'll just do it as an out and back ;)

  3. Wow .. looks like a really great run

  4. Perfect slide show...The trail is great, :-)

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    five fingers

  5. Hi Chris and Kizzy - thanks for the comments