Monday, 30 August 2010

Tor bagging

From the top car park by Haytor Rocks, I headed south towards Bag Tor before turning west to follow the curving line of an ancient stone wall.

Found a way up throught he gorse to Saddle Tor and then cut back southwest to Rippon Tor - the trig on the top had a refreshingly remote feel to it. Then some compass bearing practice over to Pil Tor.

Again, I learned the lesson of trusting the compass. Having added the magnetic variation, the Pil Tor I was looking at lay in the wrong direction, soon later I realise that I've been looking at the wrong tor and that my original bearing was bang on! The direct line between these tors required a lot of gorse-wading.

Pil Tor to Top Tor, then Bell, Chinkwell and Honeybag Tors. Award meself a Tor for the rocky high point to the north of Hedge Down.

There's a short section of land that's not marked as open access on the map that I now need to cross. A thoughtful landowner has put a gate in the fenceline and then tied it shut and put up a No Walkers sign. I excercise my own right to roam!

Then Hound Tor, Greator Rocks, Holwell Tor and back to Hound Tor to complete a very satisfying circuit.

With a nod to 4Winds, I expose wet, white skinned feet for the final - somewhat effeminate - trot back down the soft turf to the car...

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  1. Cracking day for it Matt. Good effort with the barefoot section too :-)