Sunday, 10 October 2010

Catch up and running reflections

Well it's been a while since I got around to doing the blog.

I've done a couple of races that I still need to write up - the Woodchester Park and the Worcestershire Beacon - and been getting out running with the headtorch now the darker nights are drawing in.

Been going out running with Jamie and Mike whose styles compliment each other very well. At one end of the spectrum there's 'Diesel' Mike with the ability to carry on chugging away mile on mile. At the other end, there's Jamie who's an 'AS' man if ever there was - lightweight, fast but with a tendancy to fade as the distance increases. I'm enjoying their combined enthusiasm for Julian Cope.

We're all fitting our running in around our family committments and there's been more of and emphasis on shorter, more intensive runs as opposed to just going out for a couple of hours and doing a longer undulating circuit. Keeping up with Jamie is - murder.

What I'm begining to appreciate is that both of them have the capacity to really dig deep and push themselves when they want to. For example, Mike can run over a hundred miles in 24 hours or conjure up a balls out sprint in the final stages of a race. Jamie, who is also pretty good at cyclo cross, knows he's not really trying unless he's got, 'an agonising pain' across his back and can 'taste copper' in the back of his throat.

Me - I'm lazy by nature. I'll ease off the gas when it starts to hurt.

But now I think that improving my running performance is less about building physical strength and much more about trying to accept a familiarity with discomfort.

In my imagination, I push the image of a weight. It's the embodyment of the pain barrier. Every time I push it a little further it stays put and my threshold increases...

... in theory


  1. I agree with the last paragraph Matt. But I too am lazy and have not pushed myself to the next level for a while. My mate likes to introduce himself to who he calls "the god of pain" on a regular basis.
    Must try harder.

  2. Yep. The taste of copper - a familiar old friend on my weekly threshold/hill sprint session. God I hate that session...

  3. John - you and me both!! Would that be the mysterious Methusela ur talking about?

    Simon - rising bile aside, what does your typicalthreshold/hill sprint session consist of?

    All tips welcome :)