Sunday, 24 October 2010

Woodchester Park race

Late again, the family-harried and tight-lipped dad had risked the safety of the wife and kids in order to make it to the race on time... At 10.01am, his good lady wife levelled a stare laced with wordless fury that said:

"You knew it was going to start at 11."

Bugger: it must have been advertised wrong on the Stroud AC website. Nevermind, the boys enjoyed the extra hour of pre-race build up. And, it was good to catch up with Chris Midge and Ed, as well as meet some other Almost Athletes for the first time.

It's a short trail race - only 7.5m - that repeatedly climbs and descends the wooded sides of of an incised valley near Stroud. It's a lovely event, on this occasion enhanced for me as a family experience.

It's a while now since it happened and I'm writing it up from memory. I wasn't fully fighting fit for it and as soon as the track left the cover of the trees the heat and humidity of the day was strongly felt. I pushed quite hard making use of gravity to speed the descents. I overtook some runners and others overtook me.

I remember the delight of seeing ace Stroud runner Martin Humphries' kids chipping in and marshalling in their yellow vests.

I also remember tanking along as best I could in my own little world and looking over my shoulder to see five other runners all pacing off of me. They all overtook shortly afterwards. It made me realise that a tactical approach is important sometimes.

Anyway, it was a good run and I was pretty knackered be the end. Thought I was the first Almost home but was beat by over a minute by Russell.

Sat with Rach and the boys clapping in the other runners as they came in. They boys did well but their lasting memory of the day seemed to be the big tractor in the next door field.

19th overall. 7th MV40. 57m36s.


  1. Photo of the tractor please ;-)

  2. Aha - didn't have you down as a tractor fan. Will do better next time:)