Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sergeant Man and High Raise

This year's week in Shambleside featured fine family time aplenty seasoned with nuggets of unremarkable 'fell action', the odd pint - and a head cold.

One day I managed a potter over and around Loughrigg fell and took great delight in the abundance of bluebells and the damp humic smells as I ran through the woods. I hoped that the swifts/martins/swallows that were nesting in the roofs of the big caves beside the footapth were coping ok with the seepage. With time to kill, I went back up over the top and came down in Clappersgate and finished with a brisk effort along the road.

Another evening I gleaned some time and went up to Wansfell Pike. Was pleased to be able to run all the way without having to resort to walking.

On Thursday, Pete and I walked up to Sergeant Man from Grasmere...

... and then wandered across to High Raise. The rain that had been pelting us eased away bang on cue and we took in panoramic views from just below the cloudbase. It was pretty cold though after our soaking...

We walked over Thunacar Knott and went on down to Stickle Tarn where we spotted a solo climber on the sodden walls of Pavey Ark before going on up again to Blea Rigg. From here we enjoyed some delightful undulating tops before eventually heading back down to Grasmere from Lang Howe, through a wonderland of juniper woods and fern-lined tracks.

Pete had an appointment with a hot tub and decided to get the bus back. I had a civilised pot of tea (with cup and saucer) on the shore of the mere before walking back over Loughrigg fell one last time. Felt pretty tired by the end - should have opted for the tub!


  1. I used to know a guy named Sergeant Man(n)! I'll have to get up to that peak someday myself. Wish I lived closer to the Lakes so I could hike there more often, the views (when you can see them, of course) are amazing!

  2. Hi Dawn - it's a nice walk as a round starting and finishing in Grasmere. Know what you mean, it would be great to be nearer to the lakes.

  3. Hi Matt
    Cant beat a Beatrix Potter around Bimbleside.

    I am jealous we have not managed to get up to the Lakes since last autumn.


  4. Steve - that's a one for my repertoire of stock phrases