Sunday, 6 November 2011

(Dis)orienteering - Mallards Pike

Family Reid put in a gutsy performance at League 2 of the Orienteering at Mallards Pike, Forest of Dean. After two events we are holding strong at the bottom of the Yellow table. Not bad at all for three-and-a-half year-olds, I reckon.

Genuinely impressed with the boys. A good 0.5km uphill to registration and then the same distance again to the start; also uphill. A 2.2km course that was pretty muddy, sticky and uneven. Then 600m back to registration as well as the walk back to the car.

It was a big effort and Ben and Sam had much need of dried apricots and Soreen.

Must be careful - in my mind I have an image of 'Competitive Dad' off the Fast Show...


  1. I hope you managed to finish ahead of the boys.

  2. It was a sprint finish, but I tripped them both up so it was ok.