Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sugar loaf race

Steep tarmac turns into track, track turns into footpath, footpath becomes less distinct and heather encroached with height.

Lose places to road runners but make them back again as it gets steeper. There is cloud and rain on the top but we are up into it then back down and out within minutes. We run round in a loop and leg it back down the way we came up. I lose a few more places but make one back by strongly upping the pace before the end.

It's a fine and charming race. £3 to enter (the majority of which is handed straight over to the pub to provide post-race refreshments), laconic instructions from the race organiser and the prizes awarded to 1st, 10th, 20th (and so on) runner to the top.

Everyone friendly to everyone else. You try your best but miss the point if you take it too seriously...

I was way below par but managed 24th in about 46mins, Matt Farrer was a couple of minutes after (38th) with Mike Wood (45th) about the same time behind again.