Sunday, 27 November 2011

Swallowvallets orienteering

On the drive over to the Forest of Dean, the Severn looked engorged and menacing but also dramatically beautiful - a welcome contrast to the manicured and exclusive sterility of the Cotswolds.

We turned-up in good time and sat munching in the car watching the registration tent inflate and strain skywards in the cold wind. Hunched-up figures went about their business of setting-up, stopping from time-to-time to exchange cheerful words.

"Two dibbers..." Sam reminded me with a serious look as I got out of the car to go and register. This was the deal.

NGOC are a very friendly bunch of people, obviously keen to encourage participation at all levels of their sport.

Just as well really because it took me the best part of a quarter-hour to simply realise that the first control simply had the wrong number on it...


  1. Can we borrow Sam to help Team Ibuprophen?

  2. He's got good dibber action alright!