Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Black Mountains

Ran a steady one this year alongside Rich from work.  We turned in a 3.45 which was respectable enough in view of fitness levels.  Rich got a monster heel blister.
I have a number of favourite races and this is definitely one of them.  In the past I've reccied the route a lot and have a got a few choice lines that are well rehearsed. Little things please little minds...
The fourth time of racing and my times are getting slower.  I justify this to myself with the thought that I'm getting more value out of the very reasonable entry fee. 
Also enjoyed lying about on the grass afterwards  chatting with other runners that I've got to know from races like the Cleevewold.
Got recommended to try the Llanbedr to Blaenavon race, the Blorenge and the Wrekin Wrecker - top tips. 
Here's to next year....


  1. Looks a bit of a monster - cracking blister too!

  2. Value for the entry fee. I like that Idea.